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The best time to plan your morocco travel holidays

If you are asking when is the perfect time for Morocco travel holidays, then you are at the right place. But the thing is that the answer depends on what you will be doing in Morocco and the places you want to visit, if you were thinking about the main attraction such as Marrakech and Fez, then the best time to plan your visit would be the period between April and June which is the time of spring, another great choice would be in the time of Autumn or Fall somewhere between September and November. In both these two periods the weather is nice and the number of tourists is less, but at the same time, you’ll be missing the chance to attend the special festivals that take place in summer.
So this is some info and pieces of advice about Morocco, its festivals and activities so that you can plan your Morocco travel holidays better, to enjoy the full experience and beauty of this marvelous country.

The weather in Morocco:

The weather in Morocco is sunny and hot most times of the year, in summer it gets really hot where it gets uncomfortable sometimes, especially in Marrakech and Fez and the southeastern regions of the country near the desert, while in Tangier, Rabat, and Essaouira the weather is nicer because these cities are located in the coast side of the country facing the cold and fresh breeze of the ocean, although all of this summer is the most popular time for Morocco travel holidays.
In winter, between November until February, the temperature is nice especially at night, where it reaches 10 Celsius degrees in some places mostly on the north side of the country, while the south is special with its drier and colder weather, especially at night.
The snow is a normal thing north of the country, and there is also the Atlas Mountains where it snows aggressively, which makes cities like Ifran or Oukaimden in Marrakech the best for skiing. While in the spring there is a lot of beautiful valleys to be visited such as the Ourika valley in Marrakesh which becomes very magical in this time of the year.

The best time to do trips in the Atlas Mountains:

You can say that the best time to have a calm and beautiful trip is the period between April and May, due to its Mountainous weather that makes the winter very cold where the temperature can go down to minus 0 most of the winter, while in summer the weather is cold but sunny where the temperature goes up to 25 Celsius degrees, that’s why the Atlas Mountains can be visited all times of the year depending on the weather you enjoy more, there are also a lot of treks programs that are done to hike and enjoy some of the most beautiful mountains of Morocco, such as Toubkal mountain which is the tallest mountain in North Africa, so that’s one you might add to your plans for Morocco travel holidays.

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The Best time to enjoy the beaches:

Morocco’s beaches are better in the summertime, where the temperature is nicer than the inside areas of the country but warm enough for swimming and leisure in front of the Atlantic ocean. And because summer is the peak tourist season that’s why you will have to reserve very early especially if Essaouira and Agadir are in your plans of Morocco travel Holidays. These two cities along with other cities on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea such as El Fnideq, Oued Laou, or the special city Tangier where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet. Morocco beaches are another experience that you must try at least once a lifetime.

The best time to visit The Sahara Desert:

If you are planning on visiting the Sahara desert in your Morocco travel holidays, you better choose a time between autumn/fall or the beginnings of spring, because and with no doubt want to run from the high temperature in your country to find it there, and keep in your mind that in March and April, you could face some sand storms that come from the south known for the name of Sirocco. But as everyone knows that the Moroccan Sahara Desert is special, and worth visiting, all the Morocco travel holidays must for sure contain this destination as a plan, because it’s one of the most desirable experiences of all the tourists visited or planning to visit Morocco.

The best time to enjoy the festivals in Morocco:

A lot of worldwide known cultural and musical festivals take place in Morocco, and that is in the period between June and July, such as the famous Fes festival of world sacred music, The Gnawa music festival of Essaouira, and the most popular festival which is the Mawazine Festival, all of these festivals and other gives the cities they take place at a different atmosphere that makes every city more special than the other, and a lot of people wants to enjoy that, another thing that these festivals always takes place in famous and culturally rich cities such as Marrakesh, Fez, Meknes, Rabat and the other famous cities of the country, which will help you get the full experience of your Morocco travel holidays.

Visiting Morocco in the time of the Holy month Ramadan:

Morocco is an Islamic country, that’s why people there give a lot of importance to the month of Ramadan. In Ramadan the whole atmosphere and lifestyle of the country changes, an experience that must be tried for sure to feel the difference, especially if you are visiting the big imperial cities, Fez, Marrakesh, Meknes, or Rabat. the atmosphere is different inside the walls of the old medinas, you will enjoy the quieter streets during the days as the locals prefers spending the fasting days relaxed at their homes, so it would be a good chance for you to enjoy everything calmly away from the medina crowds, But at night its totally a different thing, people tends to stay awake for really late times during Ramadan that’s why the streets keep being alive until the very late time which will be a good chance for you to explore more at night and enjoy the nightlife of these cities, without being afraid of the late time. Visiting Morocco during Ramadan is a special trip that can be surely added to all Morocco travel holidays.

So whether its summer or winter, fall or spring, Morocco has everything you need to enjoy your travel and get the most out of it, visiting Morocco during any time of the year is special, that’s why Morocco has the tourist attraction that makes people from around the world visit it more and more every year and all periods of the year, due to the plenty and different activities that might be done in Morocco travel holidays.


Top 10 places to visit that makes Marrakesh trips the best trips

Marrakech is one of the top travel destinations in North Africa and in the world generally. It is one of the oldest imperial cities in Morocco that contains a dozen of beautiful Palaces, gardens, Souks, historic mosques and of course the delicious food. So, and based on tourists exciting trips and their reviews about the city and the activities they did there, we’ll show you 10 best things to do in this amazing city and that makes Marrakesh trips the best trips. And here are our top 10 picks:

10- The Souks of Medina:

Medina, the oldest part in the city of Marrakesh, offers, amongst a lot of other things, a special authentic experience which is the chaotic Souks. The Souks is kind of traditional street markets where vendors offer different varities of products, from leather bags, spices, silver and gold products, to more modern items and food. Every street of these old streets was named after the kind of the products that were sold there, and even today you can see that certain streets mostly sell spices, and others are selling leather products, and so on. Getting lost in the chaotic souks of Medina is an interesting experience that all Marrakesh trips must include, which offers a glimpse of life in Morocco centuries ago.


El Badi Palace is a destroyed palace in Marrakech built by the Saadian dynasty’s ruler Ahmad al-Mansur in the late 16th century. The original palace had approximately 350 apartments, a huge swimming pool, and many gardens, but it has lost much of its luster. El Badi Palace is currently a museum with many separate sections showcasing various works of art, including a fully restored 12th-century minbar. The rooftop terrace provides spectacular views of Marrakech as well as a bird’s eye perspective of the palace. Visiting this palace is a must in all Marrakesh trips.


Marrakech is well-known for its world-class gardens. In fact, gardens are such an essential element of Marrakech that it is known as the “Garden City,” and all Marrakesh trips include a visit to these gardens. Gardens represent paradise and provide a brief relief from the desert-like climate and crowded city streets. Even riads, traditional Moroccan homes, and castles with internal courtyards have gardens. While there are many lovely gardens to visit in Marrakech, the following are among the most attractive and available to the public: The Jardin Majorelle was established in 1923 by a French orientalist named Jacques Majorelle, but it took another 40 years to finish. A bright house in the garden has become a famous Instagram picture spot. The adjacent Yves Saint Laurent museum, dedicated to the famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent’s work, is a must-see. Menara Gardens are botanical gardens in Marrakech’s western outskirts. The Menara gardens are a favorite leisure place for residents, whereas Jardin Majorelle is primarily visited by tourists. Le Jardin Secret is a hidden gem in Medina with a classic Islamic garden that provides a welcome respite from Marrakech’s bustling streets.

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The Koutoubia Mosque, located in Medina, is Marrakech’s biggest mosque. It is also considered as the sister of the other mosque in Rabat Hassan mosque, Its 253-foot-tall (77-meter) tower is easy to see and can even assist you in orienting yourself around Marrakech. Built in the 12th century, the Koutoubia Mosque served as a model for several notable structures. A lovely big garden plaza may be seen outside the mosque.


The principal square of Medina, Jemaa El-fna, is located close to the Koutoubia Mosque. A fascinating mix of residents and tourists can be found here, with street sellers offering anything from fresh orange juice to trinkets. There are also a variety of performers such as snake charmers, fortune tellers, and others. If you want to stop and observe or take a picture with them, they will demand money, sometimes rather aggressively. To get the whole experience, head to one of the rooftop bars and drink a traditional Moroccan mint tea while taking in the scenery.


Morocco’s historic leather tanning industry is well-known especially in Fez and Marrakech old Medinas. At reality, leather purses, shoes, and other things are frequently sold in souks. The majority of tanneries are in the northern section of Medina, away from the main tourist attractions. You may witness the process of preparing animal skins to make leather. However, be cautious because there are several tannery-related scams.


The Bahia Palace was constructed in the 19th century for Si Moussa, the Sultan’s senior vizier. Unlike the previously described El Badi Place, Bahia Palace has been properly preserved. A fantastic opportunity to go through time and experience life in over 150 rooms and an imposing acre garden built in the Islamic and Moroccan styles. The harem with its outdoor court, which opens to the living quarters for concubines staying in Bahia Palace, is one of the more fascinating sites in Marrakech and a favorite Instagram picture spot.


Marrakech became a new home for many Jews when they were expelled from Spain in the 15th centur. Melah, the Jewish quarter, that you for sure might hear of if you travel to the historical cities in Morocco, the one in Marrakech had a population of about 35,000 people and about 40 synagogues. The Jewish Cemetery, located just outside the Melah district, was established in 1537. The cemetery still remains today. Visit the Jewish district and the Jewish Cemetery to get a sense of the city’s historic depth, and that Marrakesh trips must for sure include.


Marrakech has 19 gates that provided access to the city’s many neighborhoods. Bab Agnaou was erected in the 12th century to serve as an entryway to Medina’s royal quarter and to dazzle guests. The storks nesting at the top of Bab Agnaou are a lovely addition to the old gates, which are still adored by visitors as one of the primary Marrakesh trips attractions in the city.


The Kasbah, Marrakech’s royal area, may be reached by entering through the Bab Agnaou gates. The Kasbah Mosque, another major ancient Mosque in the city, is located here. The magnificent Saadian Tombs, buried for centuries below the Kasbah Mosque and recently excavated, are home to nearly 60 members of the powerful Saadi dynasty. Morocco was controlled by the Saadi dynasty in the 16th and 17th centuries. The graves were found in 1917 and are now open to the public, together with a stunning Moroccan garden. All Marrakesh trips must include a visit to these Tombs; else, you will be missing out on an incredible experience.

Of course, there are many other interesting places to see in Marrakech, but we just wanted to give you a hint about what are the most important places to visit and that all Marrakesh trips should include to be the perfect trip and get the most of what the historical city offers

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