Marrakech excursions: amazing tours and trips from Marrakech

Excursions trips from Marrakech are a great activity to do during your trips. If you are planning for a trip to Morocco, then you are in the right places. In this article, we will try to discuss 8 different “Marrakech excursions” you can do near Marrakech city or from Marrakech, but if you have never had an excursion, take that into consideration because excursions has numerous advantages, as you get to see much more in a shorter period of time, and you get the best of Morocco this way. You can plan a Marrakech excursion by yourself or book an excursion with a company. However, make sure that the company that organizes Marrakech excursions has a good rating and good reviews. If you do not go with the second choice, you can still get help from a professional freelance guide there. Here are 8 suggested Marrakech excursions:

1.Marrakech exursions: From Marrakech to the Desert:

Take a tour to Zagora and other parts of Morocco’s deserts. This country has a great panorama in its desert especially in the region of Zagora. Take an excursion there, enjoy the sun and the hot weather, try diverse types of dates, buy Henna for your body, hair and hand tattoos.
One important thing to do is to differentiate between Zagora and Merzouga. The second one is a small village in the Sahara of Morocco where you can have sunbaths for health issues or simply for self-care the health benefits of sunbaths and the sun, in general, are numerous like getting your stock of vitamin D removing or treating rheumatism and joint problems, and do not forget to include a Sahara camel ride through the dunes to experience how people used to travel back in time with camels. Most of the tours to the Sahara Desert are Marrakech excursions.

2.Marrakech excursions: Ourika valley Rafting:

Ourika has an amazing river located in its valley, at the Atlas Mountains. It is only 50 KM far away from Marrakech.  it’s a high flow river and it is so perfect to experience white water for rafting in such a stunning panorama. The company you will book with provides you with everything you need: suits, water/spray jackets and helmets before you start the activity in order to stay safe and comfortable.  you’ll also get instructed about the process and how things work from your guide. It is definitely a high adrenaline activity and a must-do in Ourika Valley. This Marrakech excursion starts in the morning so you can have enough time to enjoy the area of Ouzoud and its cascades.

Do not forget to fuel yourself before starting this Marrakech excursion, as you need some energy for this type of activity

If you are a fan of hiking and climbing mountains then Imlil region is the best Marrakech excursion for you. Imlil is a small village located in the center of the Atlas mountains. This Marrakech excursion takes 90-minute driving south of Marrakech and it’s the location of the highest summit in Morocco Toubkal Mountain. It is one of the favorite places for many hikers from around the world. If you choose to take Marrakech excursion to Imlil in winter, you’ll have the opportunity to see a snow-covered summits, as for the summer, you can enjoy the sun between the forest of this mountain as you try to reach the top.

To stay safe, do not underestimate the difficulty of this mountain. It would be better if the visitor brings some special gear and be in good condition to keep up with the climb. And if it is possible, hire a guide too.

The Jbilat Mountains are an under-rated area and do not get much interest, and it’s almost unknown for many travelers. Villagers’ life here is rural and traditional, exploring Jbilat region gets you to observe rural simple life of the inhabitants who depend on farming as a main  area’s main activity. They are very welcoming and friendly. Expect to be invited to drink a mind tea and eat Moroccan bread with them.

This is one of Marrakech excursions that make you able to hike in the region. It makes you feel relaxing in which you can wander a bit or you can choose a challenging hike in it. Once on the top, you will enjoy the fascinating beauty of the high mountains and vast valleys.

Are you conidiring visiting Marrakech, or traveling in Morocco? don’t hesitate to check our tour packeges, and contact us for any information or questions you have. We will be glad to help you plan your trip.

5.Marrakech excursions: Marrakech Palm Grove

Palmeraie Marrakech is an oasis of palm located in Marrakech, Although it is in Marrakech, it’s hard to tell, you imagine yourself in the oasis in the middle of the desert. It is an extreme experience with a quad on a high speed that you shouldn’t forget to include in your things to do in Marrakech. It is one of the best Marrakech excursions that the visitor can appreciate and enjoy.

This is one of Marrakech excursions that make you able to hike in the region. It makes you feel relaxing in which you can wander a bit or you can choose a challenging hike in it. Once on the top, you will enjoy the fascinating beauty of the high mountains and vast valleys

6.Marrakech excursions: Amizmiz passing by Lalla Takerkoust

Amizmiz est une petite ville au Maroc à environ 55 kilomètres au sud de Marrakech. Il se trouve au pied de la chaîne de montagnes du Haut Atlas.

Amizmiz town is one of the peaceful places you can visit around Marrakech taking one of Marrakech excursions. In order to arrive at Amizmiz, you pass by Lalla Takerkoust. This lake offers astonishing views because of its incredible height. In this area, there is a souk where you can find organic natural products that the village try to sell in this weekly souk

7. Marrakech excursions: Wandering in Ait Souka village

Ait Souka or the pink village is a small village in the Marrakech region. If you are looking for serenity, a calm and relaxing environment then Ait Souka village is a good choice for you. The population is very little, the weather is amazing, villagers are friendly, and there is transportation in and out of the village. Enjoy walking leisurely in this village, watch local villagers, and enjoy listening to birds singing in the trees. In order to enjoy a peaceful time, this trek is one of the appropriate Marrakech excursions to take.

8.Marrakech excursions: OUKAIMDEN Snow and the ski station

Oukaimeden is located 75 km south Marrakech well known as a ski region with the highest ski station in Africa. The best period to enjoy Marrakech excursion to Oukaimeden is from December to march in order to enjoy the experience to the fullest and appreciate the splendid views of the high snowy peaks.
Make sure to bring warm comfortable clothes for the snow.

Excursions can likely meet with new people from all over the world, make contacts, and discover new cultures that you never had the chance to discover before.

Be well packed as the weather changes from region to region and make sure you enjoy and get the best out of your travel and make sure your camera has enough storage space for pictures.

If you have any questions or concerns about planning your Marrakech excursions,  feel free to contact us by leaving a comment below or on other social media channels.

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