Marrakech excursions

Staying in Marrakech is a lot of fun. You can either visit all these historical landmarks in the old Medina, with 4×4 Marrakech excursions see the old Islamic architecture of Morocco and even spend some time in one of the famous Moroccan Riads as most visitors usually do. Or you can hang around in the modern parts of the red city, where there are five-star hotels, fancy restaurants, along with cool bars and nightclubs.

However, you will be missing a lot if you just stayed inside Marrakech without joining some of the best Marrakech excursions and tours.

Marrakech excursions

are usually day trips to an interesting place near Marrakech. Marrakech tours, on the other hand, are usually tours that take several days, oftentimes a marrakech desert tours in 3 days.

marrakech excursions

There are many choices to choose from when it comes to having fun in a place near Marrakech, and the options are extremely diverse. We’re talking like ocean, mountains and snow, desert, waterfalls, valleys and more.

“4x4MarrakechExcursions” have a catalog of almost whatever type of weather and geography that you can imagine, and perhaps even wanna try, all in an excursion or tour from Marrakech.

And just to give you a very brief glimpse of what kind of places are near Marrakech this article is going to be revolved around the Marrakech excursions which are only day trips and also the Marrakech tours that take several days.

Marrakech is the starting point of many day trips and excursions. While you’re staying in there for a long period of time, you might want to change the big city environment to something more natural and calm.

Many of the Marrakech excursions that our services can provide visit such places. The most important Marrakech excursions are: Ait Benhaddo, Essaouira, and the day trips from marrakech to 3 valley.

Ksar Ait Banhaddo is huge fortress and a very significant historical site that is considered a world heritage by the UNESCO. The most beautiful thing about this place is the architecture. The same architecture that keeps attracting movie directors and producers to the day. You have to know that this place was an important filming site for many famous Hollywood movies. Gladiator, The mummy and Kingdom of heaven are but only three examples.

Essaouira is a special place for the fact that has a very rich history as it has always had even in ancient times. All the buildings with their fascinating Islamic architecture are there to prove such a claim.

But that’s not the only thing that makes Essaouira a very special city. Essaouira has also this rich cultural aspect that owes its diversity to all the different cultures and civilizations that settled there. These include Amazigh, Jewish, African, Muslim and European influences.

Essaouira has also a rich art platform. Visual artists and musicians always find in Essaouira a welcoming home. Which is really an interesting surprise in Essaouira.

Suffers also will definitely enjoy Essaouira with all its challenging waves. Which is something that professionals always appreciate.

Marrakech is close city to many beautiful valley scenaries. Sometimes there’s nothing more relaxing than laying your eyes at a wonderful natural landscape such as that in Imlil valley. You can also access in this region the highest peak in North Africa and the Arab world, Mount Toubkal. Not to mention all the little surprises in terms of what the locals lifestyle is like.

The other beautiful valley we are going to mention is Ourika Valley. This valley is very diverse in terms of natural landscapes and wildlife. There are monkeys in there that always seem to bring joy to the heart.

Ourika is also home for some beautiful waterfalls. However, the most beautiful waterfalls are in Ouzoud. A day trip to Ouzoud is like taking a part in an adventure movie and you found the place that you’re been looking for. And the sound of water splashing is like a music that nature has composed.

Travel to the mountain village of Imlil on a full-day trip from Marrakech, and discover the stark, beautiful scenery of the High Atlas. Explore undulating walnut orchards, slip into the winding Moulay Brahim Gorge and get a glimpse of local life in the small community of Asni. Delve farther into the rumpled landscape: mount a mule to climb from Imlil to Aroumd, whose terraced gardens cascade down the steep valley walls, and enjoy a traditional meal in a Berber home.

Get close to nature and even closer to understanding and enjoying the ancient Berber way of life. You’ll leave the hustle and bustle of Marrakech behind in a brand new air-conditioned minivan or 4WD. During this 8-hour tour, you’ll visit lush, green valleys in the Atlas Mountains, see waterfalls, and experience Berber living with a home visit.

Marrakech excursions and tours make the visit to Marrakech a very rich experience as anyone who has done them might confirm.

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