Top Marrakech excursions that everyone must experience.

Marrakech is probably the most famous Moroccan city, perhaps after Casablanca or maybe Tangier. But still it’s probably the most liked Moroccan city among the tourists. And it’s no wonder why. This city has probably all the characteristics that a wholesome city has. Plus, an international airport, that makes the flight there easy and direct for the people who are interested in visiting this vibrant city.

Marrakech has a lot to offer, from old medieval Islamic architecture in the old town (Medina), to the finest and most prestigious hotels. Also classy bars and nightclubs are the norm in this city, if you’re interested in the life of party.

However, a trip that visits only the city of Marrakech is probably considered incomplete if you didn’t go out of the city with some of the most exiting Marrakech excursions.

Marrakech excursions are full of surprises and novelties. You will get the impression of traveling to another country in another continent with different weather and lifestyle.

To give you an idea. Marrakech excursions can take the ambience of desert and oasis, mountains, valleys and snow, and even sea coast and old buildings.

That’s how the diversity of Marrakech excursions is manifested.

All those experiences that we mentioned, and more are all options in a Marrakech excursion. Stay with us to find out more about this subject.

Desert and Oasis.

Marrakech excursions  as we already said have a wide range of experience. One of those experiences is one that you can have in Palmeraie. This Marrakech excursion takes you to an oasis that is believed to have grown from palm tree seeds that Arab warriors dropped there centuries ago. Aside from the history of this place, the beauty is what we are concerned with, and let us tell you that it’s a good example of how an oasis has to be.

Another desert spot is the Majorelle Gardens. These gardens host the exhibitions of many exotic plants that are truly fascinating. And are also good photography material.

Marrakech excursions that take place in the Moroccan desert also take you to a fortified clay city called Ait Ben Haddo, which is listed by the UNESCO by the way. Those are some very old buildings.

But a visit to the desert will not be considered wholesome without camel rides. And don’t worry that’s the norm in Palemeraie. You will get to travel the desert on the back of a camel if you wanted to. And if you are more into engines, you also get to ride a quad bike.

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Mountain, valley and waterfall.

The second type of Marrakech excursions is the mountain, valley and waterfall experience. As you might already know, Morocco is the home country of the highest mountain peak in North Africa and the Arab world. It’s the peak of Mount Toubkal, which belongs to the Atlas Mountains. This peak is very close to Marrakech. The thing that makes a big number of Marrakech excursions be directed towards the area of Mount Toubkal and other mountain related trips.

One interesting thing about this mountain is it’s accessibility. It’s not very hard to climb to the peak within two to three days at most. And also this place can provide the visitors with anything they need from food to refuge where they can rest.

There are actually some Marrakech excursions that take you to ski in the not-so-far ski resort Oukaïmeden. The mountain experience is a lot of fun if you like skiing or snowboarding.

There also many valleys such as Ourika and Ouzoud , where you can see the most beautiful landscapes that nature has to offer like breathtaking waterfalls where you get to take the coolest pictures of the natural landscapes. Fun fact, there are monkeys in there that consider those places their natural habitat. More than that,  there are many small villages along the way where they serve traditional foods such as the delicious Moroccan Tagines. And you get to have a close look at how people live there.

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Essaouira is an old Moroccan city that existed since antiquity, as many archeological findings have suggested. And that’s not the only thing about the city. It has also some buildings from the middle ages and pre-modern times. You can conclude that this city is one big museum by itself, the buildings and constructions are there to prove this point. The Portuguese used to call this place Mogador when they were in there long time ago. There are also many Portuguese architecture there as you might have already deduced. Fun fact: You can find many sites in Essaouira where Game Of Thrones was filmed.

Aside from history, the activities that you can do in this magical city include: sight seeing, the old buildings are staggeringly beautiful and full of meaning and history. You can also walk by the exhibitions of local artists and skillful artisans if you are a person who appreciates art, you can even buy souvenirs.

 A third type of activities that Essaouira has to offer in surfing. Marrakech excursions offer a surfing experience for the people who are passionate about this hobby. The waves of the Atlantic Ocean are always ready for the skillful surfer to explore them.

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