What are the best 5 places to go in Morocco?

Jemaa El Fna square in Marrakech:

Starting our best places to go in Morocco with the famous Jemaa El Fna Square in Marrakesh, which is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas and places in Morocco, where millions of foreign tourists visit annually. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Morocco and in the world. The city of Marrakesh is the third largest city in Morocco in terms of population density. It is also referred to as the red city; This is because its buildings are built of red bricks, it is divided into the old city and the modern city, which includes the largest market in the country of Morocco. It is so lively and bustling it’s impossible to get bored while there. You should not miss wandering the alleys of the old city and watching the musicians and magicians, and there are also the people doing fun acrobatics, Jemaa El Fna Square is just a place where you wouldn’t get bored.

Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca:

The Hassan II Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world. This mosque is located in the city of Casablanca, which is the largest city in Morocco. It is one of the wonderful tourist places to go in Morocco that you must for sure visit at least once in your life. The mosque overlooks the sea and it was built in 1987. The mosque can accommodate more than eighty thousand people. The mosque is characterized by very beautiful designs, with a high-rise minaret and includes a library and museum. It is one of the most beautiful mosques in the world, and absolutely a masterpiece that is worth visiting.

Al Quarawiyin University in Fes:

The Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque or Mosque is located in the city of Fez in Morocco, so named after Kairouan (the Tunisian city). This mosque was built in the year 859 AD by the Idrisi monarch Yahya I, and Fatima al-Fihri volunteered to build it, as she gave all her inheritance for its construction. The most important characteristic of the Qarawiyyin Mosque is its square minaret, which is still in existence today. This minaret occupies a great position because it is the oldest minaret in Morocco. Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque has seventeen doors and has two wings. There is a cupboard for the Qur’an and books, and a spacious mihrab. The mosque was designed in the Andalusian architecture style, and the mosque turned into a university where many scholars took it as a place for lessons, this university is today known as the oldest university in the world and one of the best places to go in Morocco.

Erg Chebbi dunes:

It is located in the eastern desert region of Morocco and is characterized by its special sand dunes. If you are a fan of safari trips or camel riding, then visiting that place and sitting in the middle of the sand dunes is worth a visit during tourism in Morocco. These are the highest sand dunes in Morocco, located near the small village of Merzouga in the Sahara Desert. At this point, it will be very difficult to continue with the car, so it is best to book a guided camel tour. Erg Chebbi is for sure one of the best places to go in Morocco.

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Dades Gorge:

If you are a fan of wandering, hiking and picturesque nature, you should not miss a trip to the Dades Valley and enjoy the beautiful landscapes, it’s one of the places to go in morocco that you should visit no matter what. Dades Valley in Morocco where many elegant villages offer the opportunity to discover exceptional birds and fertile fields that stretch as far as you can see. Take in everything you see, especially Dades Gorge, a wonderful village and a popular route among photographers. Also look out for the Valley of Roses, a wonderful sight covered with roses and palm trees.

Ait Ben Haddou Fortress in Ouarzazate:

This Moroccan architecture Masterpiece is a heritage treasure, located 30 km from the city of Ouarzazate. A large number of Moroccan and foreign tourists visit this fortress or Kasbah every year, and various international directors also comes to it to shoot their films and take advantage of its artistic and cultural feature that are the result of a great history and the ancient civilization that used to be living there. The Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah or Fortress is one of the archaeological treasures and tourist attractions in Morocco, but it is also one of the most prominent filming locations for the most famous international films and series, including Lawrence of Arabia, Prince of Persia, the Warrior, and Game of Thrones. Unlike the famous filming locations, many tourists do not know this archaeological site as a movie destination.

Finally Morocco is surely one of the best countries to spend your next holiday; it is a must that this country is on your bucket list. Although we have listed only this 6 places to go in Morocco, but for sure Morocco is a country full of many and many other places that worth visiting, and that you surely need to visit too, in this list we just tried to bring you the most unique places to go in Morocco, so don’t think this is all what is Morocco about.

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