Top 8 things to do in Casablanca Morocco

Top 8 things to do in Casablanca, Morocco?

Strangely, most of the tourists who visit Morocco do it without exploring Casablanca. Many of those tourists arrive in Morocco via the international airport of Casablanca, only to leave the city shortly afterward to visit all the tourist magnets like Fez, Marrakech, the Sahara Desert, and all the other places. That’s a shame because Casablanca has no shortage of spots that will leave an impact on you; Casablanca has one of the most admirable works of architecture and one of the richest cultures.

 It’s a huge city that has the richest history, culture and human diversity in Morocco. Along with a good geographical spot, that gives you access to many beautiful beaches, coasts, and very exciting excursions. So, there’s a lot to do in Casablanca.

But what are the best things you can do in Casablanca? This might be a crucial question, especially if your visit to Morocco is short.

An answer to that question could be found among our list of the top things you can do in Casablanca, Morocco.

1. Hassan II Mosque

The image of Hassan II Mosque has become synonymous with Casablanca. This mosque is a fantastic, huge work of beautiful architecture that king Hassan II built. The king wanted it to be very large; in fact, it’s the second-largest in the world with the tallest minaret. The mosque can take a huge number of worshipers. The king also wanted it to be fascinating, that is why it’s built on the tip of the shore, where you can stand on glass flour and see the ocean underneath you. The beauty of the place lies also in the architecture; the Islamic mystical geometry of the place is truly a wonder. Every corner has these trippy shapes and geometries all over.

2. Medina

Although the old Medina of Casablanca doesn’t have the same exotic feel that perhaps Fez or Marrakech has, it’s still a perfect spot to see what life in Morocco is, beyond the fancy and modern lifestyles of the city. The old Medina of Casablanca is a good stop to learn a lot about Moroccan culture. A visit to the old medina of Casablanca is a good opportunity to discover the shrines of ancient saints that people still visit to pay respect; it’s one of the spiritual aspects of Moroccan traditions.

3. La Corniche

La Corniche of Casablanca that is located in Ain Diab is one of the most vibrant places in Casablanca. The beach is famous for being a good stop for sunbathers during the sunny days and it’s also known to be a good challenge for surfers. The nights in Ain Diab and La Corniche are full of parties, and prestige. The area is home to many restaurants, hotels, bars, and nightclubs that will make you not wanting to leave Casablanca for another day or two. It’s the perfect place for having fun and partying.

4. Morocco Mall

Casablanca hosts the second largest mall in Africa; Morocco mall is the perfect stop if you want to do some shopping, eating or just having fun. There are always surprises in the mall. Plus it has a very beautiful aquarium that is worth a visit. The mall hosts live music shows and theatrical shows from time to time, so you might expect to see one of those if you’re in Morocco Mall.

5. Cathedral du Sacre Coeur

Cathedral du Sacre Coeur is a beautiful blend of Moroccan and European styles. The cathedral was built back in the 1930s. The place is kind of abandoned and can use some restoration, which is a shame. However, visiting Cathedral du Sacre Coeur is still a rite of passage if you’re in Casablanca. The building will make you feel like you time traveled.

6. Downtown, Art Deco

During French colonialism, Casablanca was the city where many Art Deco architects built their masterpieces. The downtown area is where the most beautiful Art Deco buildings are situated. The blend of the Moroccan culture and the European Art Deco style is truly something that gives Casablanca a unique identity. Some hotels still embrace the Art Deco style very faithfully to the day; you might be interested in staying in one of them.

7. Mohammedia

The beaches of Mohammedia are among the most wonderful beaches in Morocco. One thing you can do while you’re staying in Casablanca is to visit the beaches of Mohammedia. It’s very close to Casablanca, with only a trip of less than one hour you can access the beautiful lifestyle and beaches of Mohammedia.

8. El Jadida

El Jadida is a historical touristic attraction that everyone must visit while they’re in Casablanca. A trip to El Jadida will be a good opportunity for discovering beautiful Portuguese architecture. There’s this Citadel that was built in the 16th century, which is a good place for taking pictures. The prison and cisterns, all of these buildings have unforgettable scenes. A trip to El Jadida is like time traveling to the era of Portuguese power; it was called Mazagan back then.

Casablanca is the face of modern Morocco. It’s truly a waste, to visit this wonderful country without exploring and having fun in Casablanca for a little while. Morocco has a lot of wonders that the visitors have to see before their time in this rich country ends, and visiting the landmarks and living the lifestyle of Casablanca for at least one day is something that should be put as a priority. There are a lot of things you can do in Casablanca; you just need to find what you like more.

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marrakech activities

Top 5 Marrakech activities that you can do.

When you talk about Morocco, perhaps the first thing that will pop-up in many people’s heads is the red city, Marrakech. Marrakech has gained a very good reputation over the past years, and for a good reason too. Marrakech is situated in the region of Morocco, where the desert, the mountains and the ocean all come together. Therefore, people from all over the regions of Morocco and outside of Morocco are gathered in the city, which makes it a melting pot of many culture. The city gained its popuplarity because it was the capital of Morocco in an ancient era. The era of kings of Marrakech has left many old building and castles that amaze the modern visitors. Most importantly, Marrakech is relatively a very moden city in all of the standards of modernity all over the world. All of that makes marrakech a city that very rich in terms of activities. However, if you are visiting Marrakech for a short period of only a few days, you might only want to consider only the most important stuff. That is why we dedicate this article for the top 5 marrakech activities .

1.Exploring the cultural aspects of Marrakech

Marrakech city enjoys a rich cultural diversity that expands beyond the national frontier. It is the home of many nationalities for many reasons, be it economic, diplomatic or social. The local culture of Marrakech city is for the most part embodied in Jamaa El Fna square. The latter symbolizes the gathering of all sorts of artistic activities that give the city its famous vibe. Jamaa El Fna square is considered a world heritage by the UNESCO. Taking a walk around the place is one of the top 5 marrakech activities.

2.Sight seeing in Marrakech

It goes out without saying that sight seeing is a most favorable thing to do while you are in Marrakech city. A good start would be the very ancient historical monuments scattered around the city. As you walk through the Medina’s gates, in and out the imperial walls you get to discover an ancient history that could not be forgotten. Badia and Bahia palaces give you the taste of old royal life as lived by the first rulers of this city. At times, you may get tempted to just get lost in the souks that run deep in the Medina. You may get carried by an ambiance filled with all sorts of exotic scents and flavors that keep fulfilling your curiosity until you decide its time to rest. As you sit down to treat yourself to a nice cup of tea, the city continues its rituals in the most pleasurable ways. One can never fail to notice the tower of Koutoubia mosque that stands tall in the city of the city. It represent the religious pride of the city. A few minutes walk away from the mosque takes you to the Menara, another amazing landmark.

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3. Modern lifstyle of Marrakech

One of the most surprising things about Marrakech for first-time visitors is the modern aspect of life that is equally prevalent as the traditional one. The city’s reputation as an acient city seems to have foreshadowed the fact that Marrakech city is a modern city according to the international standards of modern city. It should be no surprise that while you’re taking a ride in a chariot, a fancy car drives by. Aspects of modernity in the people also. The Marrakechi people are famous for keeping a strong attachement to traditions, but it is not uncommon for them to have a tendency toward  the new things in life.

4. Marrakech excursions

Marrakech is a city that has easy and fast access to mountains, deserts and the ocean as well. The thing that makes Marrakech a good starting point for many types of excursions outsides the confines of the city. One type is mountain climbing and exploration of valleys and waterfalls. For example, through Marrakech you can get involved with an organized trip to mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa and climb this giant, or go on a trip to Ourika and see one of the most fascinating waterfalls called Ouzoud. Another type of excursions is visiting the Sahara desert. Those types of excursions that start from Marrakech offer to the visitor a number of activities  that can be done in the desert, like camel riding, enjoying Moroccan desert music (gnawa music), desert parties…etc.  Finally, Marrakech is not very far away from the atlantic ocean through a very famous city called Essaouira. This city has an oceanic ambiance, plus, it has a very rich history and culture. Most importantly for surfers out there is that in Essaouira they can find some challenging waves that will satisfy their passion.


 5. Moroccan cuisine

Marrakech is really a good starting point if you are interested in exploring the Moroccan cuisine. This city is a big melting pot for Moroccans from all over the kingdom which makes it a very rich place in terms of Moroccan cuisine. You can find there meals from all the regions of Morocco, however, if you want to have an idea about the famous meals, there’s for example, the Tajine, Couscous, Tanjia and Bestila and many other examples. We should note that even among the foods that we have mentioned, there are almost infinite variations that make a tajine very different from another one. Also there are some snack like food that you can get while taking a walk in Jamaa El Fna. For example. cooked snails which is a very delicious and interesting snack to enjoy, or cook lamb head which is also another interesting and nutritious Moroccan food.

Marrakech is a city that is very full of activities of all sorts. These tops 5 activities that we have mentioned are only a few examples of what this city has to offer. If you visited Marrakech before, please feel free to express your opinion in the comments below. However, if you are interested in exploring the activies first hand by visiting Morocco, please contact our services for more information and details.

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Visiting Marrakech: One Of The Top Touristic Destinations.

Marrakech makes a great tourist destination that every tourist is eager to visit and spend an exciting time. Whether you are a short time visitor or you are probably spending a long time roaming through this massive city, you will not miss your chance to enjoy visiting Marrakech’s magic beauty. It is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.


Common features that make visiting Marrakech popular :

-variety of cultures:

Marrakech is a huge city with multiple cultures making of the whole location an iconic meeting spot where you are supposed to find a rich culture including different languages ad thinking schools. Meanwhile, this massive city has a diverse population with a strong cultural heritage and famous kitchen known across the globe.

Cultural events:

Marrakech is a huge cultural zone including all types of cultural events such as cultural festivals and food display activities across the city. When you visit Marrakech, you can attend the hottest music festivals book a flight to Morocco in the summertime to see Magazine which is a universally recognized event with a wealth of music and singing styles.

The Unique Moroccan Identity:

One of the most important features of Moroccans is their unique way of believing in their own identity represented in a sense of pride and self-confidence. If you visit Marrakech one day, you will enjoy staying with Moroccans who are very friendly and highly educated. There is a lot more to discover in this gigantic city… so don’t miss your chance to get there one day while you are visiting this Red City (Marrakech)!

What is the best time to visit Marrakech?

Before we start to talk about this point, it’s better to shed some light on the dominant weather and what are your expectations regarding the climate of this area of the country:

-If you like heat and sunlight, you are then in the right place. Located in northwest Morocco in North Africa, Marrakech has a hot and dry climate that lasts all year

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More weather expectations that would make the best timing choice:

The average temperature varies from summer to winter. There are low grades of 6 ° C at night and a dramatic high of 43 ° C during the hottest time of the year. The best time to visit Marrakech is when temperatures cool down from March to May with an average of 25 ° C

There is not much rain throughout the year, so you won’t have to worry about falling outside in heavy rain. Although it is cooler in spring and autumn, you still need to wear sun cream and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

There are at least nine hours of sunshine a day, and this increases to 14 hours in summer. Cloud coverage is more common in winter and spring, but it’s not something that disturbs you.

If you find that summer weather is too hot for you, the best time to visit Marrakech is from autumn to spring to get cooler temperatures with plenty of sunshine.

Rain in Marrakesh

Rains are rare with 1 to 3 days of precipitation per month. Spring is the favorite season for tourists to enjoy visiting Marrakech. It a good time for those looking for things to do during their visit to Marrakech.

Why do you need to consider the weather?

If you want to make the most of your visit to the exotic Marrakech city, make sure your Marrakech’s visit is during the perfect season. The time between July and September is the peak tourist season in Morocco.

All the annual Moroccan holidays lined up during these months. Once the summer hits, the whole of Morocco seems to enter a festive mode. At this time of year, the street noise starts, and the beaches are crowded! As the temperature begins to rise, tourists begin flocking around the world. Many native Moroccans work and live on the mainland in Europe, most of them taking a short break from work to visit their home country in August.

The Moroccan summer heat can have a huge impact on how well you can enjoy your trip. A vast coastline is a favorite place for tourists and locals alike. After a long, sunny day, the sea breeze seems cool. It’s the afternoon relief! If you are the type who can spend hours just sitting on the beach and staring out into the ocean, you will have a great time here. If you want to escape the heat for a while, The Rif Mountains, the Mediterranean Atlas, and the Great Atlas will have perfect spots. The increased temperature makes tourism in Marrakech, as well as in central and southern Morocco uncomfortable. So, if you want to explore around, it’s best to avoid the summer.

If you want to have the best time in Morocco, this will be the perfect spring season! From late March to the end of May, you will get a better climate in the country. The south and central part of Morocco stays glowing with sunshine, the sea becomes comfortably warm, and the mountains, albeit a bit covered in snow, feel crisp and fresh. You could simply enjoy the Moroccan delights without worrying about the ensuing summer fog!

What are the other factors that help you choose the best visit timing?

In the remaining part of this article, we will devote our speech to the different factors that play a great role in deciding when you decide to have a visit to Marrakech.

Cultural events:

With a massive universal recognition, festivals in this huge city come to represent one of the most vibrant and huge music festivals across the globe. Marrakech receives yearly a huge number of artists and celebrities who head to the city to take part in the various art shows and festivities.

Another important factor is the pricing of the flights which goes considerably during the hot tourist rush.


Marrakech is a doorway to explore pure Moroccan identity and be part of the historical and cultural adventure. However, before you head to book a ticket to experience visiting Marrakech, make sure to consider all the factors involved in your choice. This article makes a great reference and rich resource for any visitor who is eager to fix a well-planned travel experience!

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